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Are you planning to refresh your backyard or upgrade your home’s curb appeal? Unlock your property’s true potential with end-to-end landscaping services delivered by a professional team of Adelaide experts. We carefully factor in your goals as well as your garden’s size and condition to create a cohesive outdoor space that is ideally suited to your lifestyle. We partner with builders and homeowners alike to deliver projects that transform even the most neglected yards into vibrant outdoor living spaces that are functional, aesthetically pleasing, and easy to maintain. 

Our Comprehensive Process

On-site Consultation

Before we get started, the Australian Lawn Wholesalers team will evaluate the project location and determine your unique set of parameters. The consultation phase of the project will allow us to discuss your objectives and limitations, arrange a timeframe for the project, and ensure our vision aligns from the outset.

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Once we understand the scope of the project to be undertaken, we will create a free, no-obligation quote for your review. It’s important that you carefully read our proposal, as this quotation will take into account the full scope of the project and will need to be approved by you before we proceed to the planning phase.

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Planning Proposal

After we receive your approval of the formal quote, we will draft plans that outline the work to be undertaken and the final results you can expect at the end of the project. We will work collaboratively with you to ensure that you are fully satisfied with the project plans before we roll out the turf and begin transforming your outdoor space.

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The development phase of the project includes multiple phases, including; site preparation and clearing, ground levelling, hardscaping, including the creation of pavements, pathways, and retaining walls, drainage, irrigation installation, and softscaping, which includes the planting of new vegetation and the placement of decorative elements.

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The final phase of the project is the handover. During this phase, the project will be reviewed to ensure that it meets the agreed-upon specifications. We believe in 100% client satisfaction, which means we will endeavour to make any adjustments necessary to ensure you have an outdoor space that meets your expectations.

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Alex Walendy

Went in with the Measurements, got the high density 35mm turf, bloke gave us the tips on how to install it ourselves and walked away happy. Best of all, the dog agrees.

Sari Leinonen

Great service. Very flexible when I needed to change installation days, more than once. Installers were professional, kept me informed of the process. Plus the product looks fantastic!!

Adrian Battye

Did a great job, very happy. Salespeople were very helpful and are not pushy. Installer (Jesse) was very professional. Byebye lawn mower.

Frequently Asked Questions

We understand the importance of knowing how long a project will take to complete before you can begin fully enjoying the outcome. Unfortunately, it is impossible to give a reliable estimate without first understanding the scope of the work to be undertaken. Our team can advise you on a general project timeline during the initial consultation phase of the project, once we analyse the site and understand your objectives.

Yes, our team is happy to collaborate with you to ensure that your outdoor space meets your requirements. This means that we will consult with you on any preferences relating to vegetation, paving, and even aesthetic elements such as lighting and decorative rocks.

The cost of your project will be determined by a range of factors. These include:

  • The size of the project- is it a small front yard with a sidewalk or an expansive backyard? Is there a pool, or a play area? Will there be a robust irrigation system or complex garden design?
  • The complexity of the project, and the amount of ‘hardscaping’ involved. Do you need a new path, pavers, retaining walls or intricate water features? These elements will naturally make your project more expensive. Older trees and shrubbery will also attract a more substantial price tag than saplings.
  • The difficulty of the terrain and the amount of levelling required, for example, are you looking to flatten a small mound, fill a ditch that was once a pond, or even out a steep incline?
  • Any unique challenges that must be navigated by our team. Does your yard lack proper drainage? Does it have very uneven terrain? Is the soil primarily clay-based? All of these are important considerations that must be accounted for during the project.
  • The vegetation and decorative elements selected for the project. Some species of vegetation or decorative choices will impact the overall cost of the project.
We wouldn’t be Australia’s premier Lawn Wholesalers if we didn’t include our range of premium lawns as part of our landscaping packages! We believe that artificial turf offers valuable advantages over natural grass, and highly recommend making the shift to our landscaping clients. We are always happy to chat with you to help you choose a lawn that aligns with your needs and lifestyle during the consultation phase of the project.
Our team is happy to travel throughout Adelaide and the surrounding suburbs to deliver our landscaping services. If you are unsure if you live too far out for our services, be sure to get in touch with our team. You may be surprised by just how far we travel!
We believe that the optimal way to keep your investment looking great for years is by giving it some regular TLC. That’s why we offer an opt-in annual lawn maintenance service for all newly installed lawns. The benefits? We’ll handle everything from hosing and cleaning, raking, checking the integrity of joints, and ensuring your lawn has an appropriate amount of sand or infill to keep it performing at its best. Not to mention, an extended warranty on top!