25mm Cool Citizen Artificial Grass

CitizenTM Grass is integrated with multiple functions that offer an unrivalled experience in any scenario with uncompromising performance.

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Benefits of Citizen Grass


Double anti-microbial, long-lasting protection

  • 24-hour contact test by SGS
  • Staphylococcus aureus reduced by 99%
  • Escherichia coli reduced by 41%
  • Salmonella reduced by 43%

Mould Proof

Always as fresh as new

  • 4-week exposure test by JFA
  • No mould during whole testing period

Self Cooling

Cooler surface offers extra comfort

  • Solar absorptance test by AZ Technology
  • Maximum UV defence, longer lifespan
  • Surface heat reduced by up to 20%
  • Long-lasting heat resistance, better than watering

Chlorine Resistant

The ideal choice for poolside

  • 24-hour chlorinated water test by Intertek
  • No delamination was found on the back
  • No discolouration was found on the surface
  • Gray scale: 4-5

Seawater Resistant

The smart choice for coastal landscaping

  • 48-hour seawater immersion tested
  • No changes of fiber and backing